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Drive technology – Made in Germany


Individual solutions from REO

Customised product development at REO is all about achieving and observing parameters tailored to the needs of the customer, something that simply would not be possible with standard products. Both the electrical parameters as well as the mechanical structural conditions are adjusted here. This ensures customers get the exact product they require for their application.

REO is not just involved in mass production, but is instead focused on the development and production of specialist niche solutions in house. By working in close collaboration with our customers, we come up with ideas and technical solutions produced in small or large scale that can fit into an entire system and undertake tasks that cannot be covered by standard products available on the market. This means our customers can make use of the very latest applications and innovative production processes without having to resort to standard products and their associated limitations.


REO bietet ein großes Portfolio an Produkten für die Antriebstechnik und fertigt auf Kundenwunsch individuelle Produktlösungen.

Allen Produkten gleich ist die bewährte REO-Qualität. Hochwertige Materialien, ständige Weiterentwicklung und ein fast 100-jähriger Erfahrungsschatz gewährleisten eine lange Lebensdauer, bei gleichzeitig niedrigen Energiekosten. Da diese physikalischen Effekte in der Antriebstechnik meistens in Kombination auftreten, sind gezielte Messungen und gut aufeinander abgestimmte Zusatzkomponenten wichtig.

Für die unterschiedlichsten Anwendungen bietet REO immer die passenden elektronischen, induktiven und resistiven Komponenten an. Netzdrosseln, EMV-Filter, Zwischenkreisdrosseln, Motordrosseln oder Sinus- und du/dt-Filter sind nur einige Produktbeispiele, mit denen REO einen sicheren und störungsarmen Betrieb in der Antriebstechnik gewährleistet. Wassergekühlte Komponenten für hohe Leistungen oder vollvergossene Systeme mit hohen Schutzklassen sind Beispiele für die starke Innovationskraft.


Storage- | Resonance | radio frequency interference choke

DC reactor and Mains chokes relieves the supply network by compensating the harmonics reactive power. REO dv/dt chokes and filters attenuate due to their structure the voltage rise to acceptable values.


Mains Filter| Overvoltage protection

REO single-phase mains filters achieve the highest possible damping thanks to powerful chokes.

The single-phase mains filters are available as one-stage or two-stage filters and as a result enable compliance with the EMC guidelines in relation to the limit values for your application.


Active | Passive Current Transformers

REO current transformers are particularly distinguished by their low space requirement, excellent linearity, fast response, and low iron and hysteresis losses. Our current transformer designs are available for monitoring frequencies of up to 150 kHz and because of the tests performed before and during the production process (whether vacuum encapsulation, partial discharge measurements or high voltage testing) high reliability is ensured and are perfectly adapted to the application.


Liquid-cooled | passive-cooled

REO offers a wide range of resistors. From braking resistors, charging resistors, damping resistors to UL-certified resistors and high-voltage resistors to liquid-cooled resistors.

Individual solutions

Technisch passende Lösungen, individuell entwickelt für Ihre Anwendung.

Wir analysieren Ihren tatsächlichen technischen Bedarf und entwickeln standardisierungsfähige Produktlösungen.

REO – technology, security and reliability

In order to reach a high level of quality and to develop new products, extensive quality testing, quality assurance and highly sophisticated analysis techniques are always at the forefront of product development and improvement. An extensive repertoire of techniques, tests, inspections and security measures guarantee the highest quality level. A separate service team oversees the technologies and components to constantly optimise processes and products. Standards and certificates from renowned institutions demonstrate the technical quality efforts of REO.

Some examples of norms that REO complies: DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, DIN EN 60310/VDE Part 420/IEC 60310 and EN 15085-1 to -5.

Furthermore, many of the REO developments are patented ensuring that our intellectual property and product innovations are protected by law.

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Individual solutions

Are you looking for an individual solution? No problem! Our REO experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


We strive to improve technologies every single day and have been pioneering visionary innovations that have been changing the market since 1925. Future-oriented technologies combined with proven systems combine in perfect synthesis. Quality and reliability are not just part of us, but are our hallmarks for a trusting, long-term collaboration with customers and partners. We provide individual, efficient, future-proof hi-tech solutions, made in Germany.