REOHM series NTT R D 158

Max. continous power: 2600 W


The resistor NTT RD 158 is a water-cooled damping resistor, which is used for traction in railway applications. The resistor is used in series with filter capacitors in the 1.5 kV and 3 kV DC network.

For this purpose, the device must be designed for a high single pulse energy and nominal voltage. The inductance of the resistor contributes to limit the inrush current – here are wirewound resistors the right choice.

The advantage of the resistance unit NTT R D158 is that 4 damping resistors are housed in one unit. This means a compact construction and low cost when connecting the resistor.

REO high-voltage resistors are designed, produced and certified specifically for the railway technology. The specially designed winding technology allows a higher withstand voltage due to the spatial separation of the wires. The use of railway-compatible, high quality materials, together with the complete encapsulation in profile design lead to protection classes up to IP 65.

Unique Selling Point

  • Higher mechanical protection
  • Low-noise
  • High functional safety and service life
  • Protection class IP00 to IP65
  • Wires are spatially separated thanks to a special winding technology, i.e. higher dielectric strength
  • The resistor can absorb higher pulse loads and store them temporarily
  • Low susceptibility to vibrations and oscillations
  • Many years of experience in the railway field with profile filters

Technical Data

  • Continuous output: 2600 W
  • Max. operating voltage: 4200V
  • Resistance value: 0,1 – 1Ohm
  • Average pulse load: 1x per hour 20kWs – within 100ms
  • Maximum pulse load: 20x per year 120kWs -within 20ms
  • Protection class: IP00-IP65
  • Other ratings upon request
  • Resistance values : 0,1 – 1 Ohm
  • Continuous power : 100 – 1210 W
  • max. operating voltage : 4200 V